Congress, are you listening?

Voters from across the political spectrum agree they don't want their cable company to control what they see and do online. The FCC's reckless repeal has sparked an unprecedented backlash. The numbers below are only what we know about through and partners. These are constituents calling on lawmakers to stop the FCC and save net neutrality:

Emails sent to Congress
Phone calls made to Congress
Messages sent to Congress by text
Websites sounding the alarm
Businesses on Team Internet


Below is a list of notable websites, companies, and organizations who have confirmed their participation in the RED ALERT action.

  • Demand Progress
  • Fight for the Future
  • Free Press Action Fund
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Etsy
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Airbnb
  • Match
  • Tinder
  • OKCupid
  • TripAdvisor
  • Mozilla
  • GitHub
  • General Assembly
  • Private Internet Access
  • Postmates
  • Vimeo
  • Salesforce
  • Daily Kos
  • Twilio
  • Gandi
  • Imgur
  • DuckDuckGo
  • BitTorrent
  • Pornhub
  • Funny or Die
  • DeviantArt
  • PicsArt
  • CCIA
  • Open Media
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Meetic
  • Twoo
  • Sonic
  • Ting
  • Chess
  • Fark
  • Consumer Reports
  • Sonos
  • DigitalOcean
  • The Nation
  • Boing Boing
  • Free Music Archive
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Native Public Media
  • Public Knowledge
  • Courage Campaign
  • New/Mode
  • Namecheap
  • Ask
  • Investopedia
  • IAC
  • Just Foreign Policy
  • Lifewire
  • Writer's Guild of America West
  • Carbonite
  • AnchorFree
  • Presente Action
  • Color of Change
  • Public Citizen
  • People for the American Way
  • Working Families
  • Center for Media Justice
  • 18MillionRising
  • OurTime
  • LoveScout24
  • Pairs
  • Media Alliance
  • Progressive Congress Action Fund
  • Common Dreams
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Shapeways
  • Progress America
  • Center for Democracy & Technology
  • American Family Voices
  • WakaTime
  • Win Without War
  • Harry Potter Alliance
  • Common Cause
  • CPD Action
  • EFF
  • Climate Hawks Vote
  • People Demanding Action
  • Democracy for America
  • Roots Action
  • Watchdog
  • The Zero Hour

What's happening?

Starting on May 9th the Internet went on Red Alert contact Congress in support of net neutrality … and it worked. The Senate voted to block the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. Because we still need the House of Representatives to block the FCC’s repeal, you can still put your website or social media accounts on Red Alert to raise awareness. Click to jump to instructions for how to join with your website or on social media.

How to put your site on RED ALERT

Add our RED ALERT widget to your site. It's a small (but powerful!) notice to your site's users that something BIG is happening with net neutrality. Users can expand the widget and contact Congress by selecting "TAKE ACTION" or close the widget by pressing the "Close" button.

Try it out

Pretty cool, right? Simply add this line of JavaScript to any page on your site to join the RED ALERT campaign:

<script src="" async></script>

The widget will appear on your page just like you see it here:

A screenshot of our Red Alert modal when minimized

When users click to TAKE ACTION, the widget will expand to display an urgent message to contact Congress in support of net neutrality:

A screenshot of our Red Alert modal

If you'd like to configure the appearance or change the location of the widget on your web pages, just visit our GitHub page to learn how.

Please feel free to create your own custom way to drive awareness of this important issue and encourage your users to contact Congress. But whatever you do, make sure it's epic. THIS is the moment to fight!

Post banner ads on your site

Do you run a site or blog? Use these banner ads to get the word out on net neutrality. Click here to see a bunch of different ad sizes and styles.

Feeling creative? Make something yourself and submit it for other sites to use by emailing us at

Put your social media accounts on Red Alert

If you’re active on social media, have a video channel, or moderate an online forum, put your small piece of the Internet on RED ALERT by changing your profile and banner images, and scheduling frequent posts linking to where people can take action. Click here for a giant folder of content you can use. Then click here to see ideas for blog posts, emails, tweets and more.

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People and small businesses all over America are vigorously defending net neutrality by staging protests and organizing events at Congressional offices. Check out the map below to view events in your area, or view our full events page here.